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GeoNURIS GeoWeb Server
GeoNURIS GeoWeb Server is a high performance WebGIS engine with stability and expandability. It perfectly applies the OGC standards and ensures high interactive operability. It is of SOA(Service Oriented Architectures) structure, capable of fast establishment of various services via web.
¡Ü Key Feature
OGC GIS Web Service
Supports WMS, WFS and WFS-T services that provide image maps and GML feature data via web service.
¤ıWMS : Image maps
¤ıWFS : GMS Feature data
¤ıWFT-T : Transaction interface to edit data
High Fast Web Mapping Service
Provides stable and fast mapping service through various Cache policies, making it easy to produce browser-based web mapping applications
¤ıServer side image Cache: Pre Cache / Realtime Cache
¤ıClient side Cache
¤ıSelection and application of multi Cache policies for the same data
Dynamic Coordinate System
Supports various coordinate systems. By enabling realtime dynamic conversion among these coordinate systems, data from different coordinate systems can be integrated for service.
¤ıSupports 335 elliptical coordinate reference systems based on EPSG
....certification code and 2465 reflected coordinate reference systems
¤ıSupports TM and Mercator reflected algorithms and 7-parameter
....conversion coefficients
Supports various forms of GIS data
Standard-based definition of data access interface supports various forms of GIS data and enables expansion of new type of GIS data without system changes.
¤ıLocal File : Shape File, DWG
¤ıSpatial Data Service : GSE, ArcSDE, GSE - Direct Connect
¤ıStandard Service : WMS, WFS
¤ıRaster : GeoTiff, ArcSDE Raster, WMS
Provides web-based service and management functions

Web-based service and management pages enable confirmation and management of service status and conditions.

¤ıCheck and preview function of service items
¤ıView of service access statistics
¤ıWeb management page such as cash management
Map Publishing & Service Set-Up Tool
Using desktop GIS tools, provides easy and fast service selection functions such as map style work, layer selection, level selection and service environment selection.
¤ıComposition of layer list and selection of available scale for each layer
¤ıSelection of coordinate system and map style
¤ıIntuitive service management through management tools
¡Ü Benefits
¤ıProvides via web owned geographic information easily and fast to maximize accessibility and utility
¤ıUI based management tool facilitates easy and intuitive service management, and selected content is applied realtime without re-starting
¤ıBasic map indications, queries and edition clients can be made easy and fast without previous programming knowledge or experience
....using Wizard method. Based on this, expansion onto complex applications such as analysis and statistics is possible.
¤ıMashup function is possible by integrating various forms of data produced independently by functions of access to distributed various
....geographic information service and content, driver plugging structure and dynamic coordinate system conversion.
¤ıSystem and data compatibility are acquired through conformity with international standards, making it easy to expand and reuse various
....application functions and links.
¤ıWithout service interruption, various service selection values can be changed and applied realtime.
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